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HE3D ciclop laser Open source DIY 3d scanner kit,new red injection molding parts,for 3d printer

HE3D ciclop laser Open source DIY 3d scanner kit,new red injection molding parts,for 3d printer
US $236.00/ piece
US $236.00
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Prod ID: 32858136790
Posted : 2019-02-21
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This is a essential day for buying things. Here HE3D ciclop laser Open source DIY 3d scanner kit,new red injection molding parts,for 3d printer that you can obtain just for US $236.00 (update at Fri, 01 Feb 2019). This prime product from reprap and only available at mvpfhtteae. For buying advise thing, press button highlight and look what the other said with this.


Model Number: HE3D
Scan Breadth: 200
Brand Name: HE3D
plastic colour: red
Scan Element Type: CCD
Optical Resolution: 2400*1200
Colour Depth: 48 Bit
Max Paper Size: 200*200
Scan Speed: 100/s
Product Type: Portable Scanner
Novelty: New
Interface Type: USB
product id: SM29

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It is free tax for European Union countries!!!

1 this scanner belongs to desktop 3D scanners, which can not match with industrial standard scanners, and it is not suitable for scanning irregular and complex objects, only   scan nearly cylindrical object, the effect will be more ideal, there are many factors affect scan result. like scanned objects, environment and light. there is a big  relationship between them, so we recommend you scan in Constant Light Studio, scanning results will be better.

2 If you have any questions, you can contact me before you give the feedback,we will do our best to help you solve the problem!

This Scanner is Easy To Scan:

1, object space volume is bigger than 5*5cm

2, object space volume is smaller than 20.3cm*20.3cm

3. object weight is less than 3kgs

4. still object

5. opaque object

FAQ: which things are hard to scan or can not scan ?

1.object space volume is smaller than 5*5cm

2.transparent oject (glass or organic plastics)

3.luminous object or highly reflective objects

4.dark object and fuzzy object(such as plush toys )

5.object space volume is bigger than 20.3*20.3cm

6.object weight is more than 3kgs

7.moving object

details show:

The Advantage of Plastic Injection Molding .

1. The surface of injection molding plastic parts is more smooth and clean.

2. Compared with printed plastic parts, You do not need to fix it.

3. It is more durable than printed plastic parts.

PS : when you receive order, first pls check if you have received all the things as packing list, if you miss anything, pls contact us immediately.

1  Intergrated motherboard           X1 piece 2  USB wire                                   X1 piece 3  C270 HD webcam                    X1 piece 4  42 stepper motor                     X1 piece 5  Laser                                       X2 pieces 6  12V 1.5A Power supply           X1 set 7  8mm Bobbin                            X1 piece 8  M3*12 self-tapping screw        X4 pieces 9  M3*20 self-tapping screw        X2 pieces 10 M3*10 screw                           X10 pieces  11 M3 nut                                      X6 pieces 12 M8 nut                                      X28 pieces 13 M8 washer                               X18 pieces 14 Hexagon wrench 2.5mm         X1 piece 15 M8*30 screw                            X3 pieces 16 16014 bearing                          X1 piece 17 M8*382mm Screw                   X2 pieces 18 M8*302mm Screw                                 X1 piece 19 M8*152mm Screw                                 X4 pieces 20 Injection molded plastics parts               X11 pieces 21 Calibration checkered paper                   X1 piece 22 Calibration board (3mm acrylic plate)     X1 piece 23 Countertop (7mm acrylic plate)            X1 piece 24 black non-slip mat                                 X1 piece

Notice: if you want to buy one scanner of more higher precision,please click this link.this Einscan-SE 3d scanner doesn't need to calibration.


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